/Investigation and accounts service

“Alienumaes homini ingenuo cerba est servitus” – for a respectable man debt is bitter captivity

Our individualized approach to the debtor, allows us to negotiate debt payment arrangements which are targeted toward the specific client, and monitor payment progress to help protect the obligations of our client. Our Staff of highly skilled workers, who represent our clients before courts and bailiff Law Offices, ensures the protection of the highly personal nature of proceedings entrusted to us.

As part of our representation of creditors, we assist in collection of receivables, which arises from: commercial contracts, sale and leasing of goods, supplies of goods or services. We contact the debtors in the fastest way possible, and always directly interact with decision-makers, to enhance and maximize the debt recovery value. National presence of our law firm allows us to avoid unnecessary delays in contacting the deptor.

Basically, the recovery can be divided into 3 stages:

  • arbitration proceedings
  • judicial proceeding
  • enforcement proceedings

We accept cases at each of these stages, but we have the greatest effectiveness when we conduct the case from the beginning. Therefore, we prefer the case at the stage of arbitration, at a time when your initial efforts may prove to be ineffective in gaining the desired response. This allows us to conduct implement our highly effective procedures in representing our clients and also ensures efficiency.