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/Foreigners and foreign entities

Under the current law, – Polish labor market obliges employers to obtain work permits for foreigners. Our law firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in this area. The service covers a full range of activities associated with the legalization of residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland and its employment, as well as apply for any approval, permits and licenses under the provisions of administrative law.

Our legal assistance relates to matters related to obtaining the following by foreigners: visas, temporary residence cards, residence cards, cards long-term resident of the European Union, as well as work permits, together with the required documentation. As part of the presented services, we also offer advisory services to start a business.

Our law company will help you:

  • Obtain residence permits in Poland (settlement – permanent residence, long term resident of the European Communities, temporary residence visas, exchange of residence cards).
  • Obtain a certificate of registration of residence of a citizen of the European Union.
  • The acquisition of Polish citizenship and attestation of citizenship.
  • Obtain statements and the intention to work to a foreigner.
  • In Total cases conducted in the offices of civil status (copies of birth certificate, marriage certificate).
  • With the process of Recognition of high school diploma, higher education diplomas recognized.
  • Obtain work permits for foreigners as well as tax identification number.
  • Registration of companies for foreigners and companies, advising on economic activities and forms of taxation.
  • Obtain a certificate of good conduct, certificate from the Tax Office.
  • Obtain permission to purchase real estate in Poland.
  • Appeal a negative decision as well as many other issues concerning foreigners.

LEXIURISTA Law company specializes among other things in legal assistance and consulting for companies and individuals in terms of their business activities in the Russian Federation and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States.

The company provides, among others, and the following range of services:

  • The establishment and registration of operators.
  • Licensing businesses.
  • Consultancy for foreign investments in the Russian Federation, with particular emphasis on investment opportunities in special economic zones.
  • Consultancy for the Russian commercial law, tax law and labor law.
  • Agreements and the avoidance of double taxation.
  • Economic Intelligence.
  • Advice in customs procedures and certification of production.
  • Approved the goods on the market.
  • Employment and legalization of stay in the Russian Federation.
  • Recovery of receivables.
  • Substitutions process.
  • Preparing a commercial offer.
  • Negotiation and business talks.
  • Searches contractors.
  • Foreign Exchange Law.
  • Security of transactions.
  • Certification, permits and permissions.
  • Grants and assistance in export business.
  • Translation ordinary and jury.
  • Legal and consulting services provided to the local by the local Law Firm in the Russian Federation and other States of the former Soviet Union give our customers a guarantee of security
  • Investment in this area and attainment of business plans.