For entrepreneurs

/The current legal services for entrepreneurs

For business entities we offer and provide the possibility of permanent and professional legal services required when operating. We are able to adjust the specific scope of services to the individual needs of our clients and the nature of our clients activities. We are ready to provide support and legal assistance at all stages of business formation and operation- from the moment of establishment of business plans to actual start-up and registration of business entities, record keeping, maintaining current status to, if necessary, termination of entity existence and winding down of business operations.

According to your needs and expectations, within the scope of our legal services entrepreneurs can obtain, among other things the following services:

  • General legal advice.
  • Registration cases.
  • Legal and advisory bodies of an undertaking.
  • Drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts and agreements (Processing and reviewing).
  • Representing clients in criminal matters.
  • Representing clients in civil cases, including commercial, business, corporate, administrative, labor, social security, and other civil disputes.
  • Representing clients in debt collection and garnishment matters
  • Replacement before the courts, authorities and institutions.
  • Language translation.